Yoga chitta vritti nirodhah - Yoga Sutra 1.2
When you are in a state of yoga, all misconceptions disappear.

About Ferrah Chino

Hello there! Thank you for visiting my website -- I am truly honored you're taking time to read a little bit about my story. When you first meet me, you'll quickly find out that I'm vivacious, easily entertained by dry scarcasm, and enamered with the flow of life. I have rode the waves of life and am honestly still finding my way to the light day after day. 

Steered by my hopes to understand myself a little more and an innate fascination of the human mind, I choose to earn my Bachelors of Arts in Psychology at Western Washington University.  Throughout college and subsequent years, I served in various areas of counseling and education: cognitive behavioral therapy; crisis lines; youth suicide prevention; elementary education; graduate school administration; sexual assault counseling and advocacy; and yoga in prisons. These positions allowed me to serve populations that desperately needed a non-judgemental ear to listen and encouraging words to elevate. The common factor amongst all of these positions was my love of holding space as my clients shared a side of them very few people had ever seen.

Throughout these years, I began to practice yoga at a local studio down the street from my house. I could have never predicted the transformation that occurred within my heart, mind and soul. I noticed a dramatic enhancement of my self-esteem and harmony within my relationships. Yoga became my refuge from the hectic world around me and within my own mind. In 2013, I completed Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training at hauteyoga Queen Anne with the incredible happiness seeker, Silvia Mordini. Silvia served as my healer and teacher. She designed her teacher training program to guide fellow seekers to discover their life purpose, dharma, with authenticity and joyful self-confidence. 

After completing my 200-hours of yoga teacher training, I merged my professional background with yoga. I volunteered with Yoga Behind Bars at Echo Glenn Detention Center for two years gaining teaching experience and how to be a positive influence for these young men. Stimutanously, I also began teaching at local gyms and the University of Washington Mindfulness Project. Over a few years of honing my skills, I took the leap of faith to teach full time at Urban Yoga Spa, hauteyoga Queen Anne and shefayoga Roosevelt in Seattle, WA. No matter what setting I find myself in, I strive to empower each person present to live a life full of passion and purpose. 

At this point in my career, I've choosen to take the tools I've learned on my mat and share them with the world around me in inspirational flow + inner peace coaching. I work my clients to integrate the tools I listed above along with meditation, breath work, positive psychology and many more to assist my clients cultivate inner peace. I also co--founded a clothing brand called Peace Pilgrim & Co. -- another avenue to share peace with others <3


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