Yoga chitta vritti nirodhah - Yoga Sutra 1.2
When you are in a state of yoga, all misconceptions disappear.

About Ferrah Chino

Hello there! Thank you for visiting my website -- I am honored that you are taking time to read a little bit about me and my story. When you first meet me, you'll quickly find out that I'm vivacious, easily entertained by dry scarcasm, and enamered with the flow of life. I have felt the ups and downs of the past thirty years of my life and am honestly still finding my way to the light day after day. 

Throughout my young adulthood,  I struggled with anxiety and depression with a constant heaviness on my heart and mind. I became a master at faking a smile and shoving my feelings deep enough so that no one could tell how much pain I was in. Steered by my hopes to understand myself a little more and innate fascination of the human mind, I choose to earn my Bachelors of Art in Psychology at Western Washington University.  Throughout college and subsequent years, I served in various areas of counseling and education: cognitive behavioral therapy; crisis lines; youth suicide prevention; elementary education; graduate school administration; depression and anxiety; and sexual assault counseling and advocacy; yoga in prisons. Not only did these positions serve populations that desperately needed encouragement to see their highest potential, they also allowed for me to connect with others who also attempted to hide their pain to the world around them. Holding space for my clients that were exposing pieces of themselves that very few people had ever seen made me feel alive and filled with purpose.

My boyfriend, now husband, bought me a month of unlimited yoga at a local studio and I was determined to show him how much I appreciated his generous gify by attending yoga every day. I could have never predicted the transformation that occurred within my heart, mind and soul. As the months passed by, I noticed a dramatic enhancement of self-esteem and harmony within my relationships. Yoga became my refuge from the hectic world around me and within my own mind. In 2013, I completed Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training at hauteyoga Queen Anne with the incredible happiness seeker, Silvia Mordini. Silvia served as my healer and teacher. She designed her teacher training program to guide fellow seekers to discover their life purpose, dharma, with authenticity and joyful self-confidence.  Alchemy of Yoga catapulted me towards becoming an inner peace coach, yet I still had many more lessons to learn before officially making this transition.

Over the next few years, I attempted other professions to support myself financially and still contribute to the world around me. I was holding onto this image of a “successful career” with a certain income to accompany it. I found a desirable career and made a yearly salary that I thought would make all my worries disappear, however I found that they only intensified. My health and happiness depreciated and I felt completely lost. After a major burn-out, I took time off to reconnect to my SELF. My heart spoke loud and clear, so I left the "prestigious career" to teach yoga. It took a little less than a year to make this career change and to fully heal from the anxiety and depression that crept back into my life. That brings us to now and let’s just say I absolutely love teaching tools for inner peace to my students! I strive to empower each person that walks into my classoom to live a life full of passion and purpose on and off their mats. 

After spending time in Bali with Silvia, I was reminded of yoga’s radical ability to bring seekers to a place of peace and love. Silvia inspired me to continue my path and help others find inner peace in a more personal setting, through inner peace coaching. I work my clients to integrate tools I listed above along with Ayurveda (sister science to yoga that focuses on mind-body connection), yoga, meditation, chanting, music, dance, journaling, and many others to assist my clients cultivate true inner peace.


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