As I walked along my journey of self discovery, I became inspired to share the tools I found effective in finding inner peace with others. In 2013, I completed my power vinyasa focused yoga teacher training with Alchemy of Yoga at hauteyoga Queen Anne with the incredible happiness seeker, Silvia Mordini. Quickly after becoming a certified yoga instructor, I started teaching for Yoga Behind Bars, UW Yogis and UW Mindfulness Project.

My love of movement is revealed in every class I teach. I incorporate pranayama, meditation and strength building into my vinyasa flow to challenge students physically and mentally. My intention is to share mindfulness techniques that connect students to the present moment while empowering them to live their truth.  Currently, I teach at studios throughout the Seattle area and in the corporate setting.

My Teaching schedule

Huateyoga Queen anne

Tuesdays @ 12:00pm- power vinyasa (heated)

Wednesdays @ 6:30am- power vinyasa (heated)

Thursday @ 12:00pm- power vinyasa (heated)

shefayoga roosevelt

Mondays @ 6:00pm- hatha (heated)
Thursdays @ 4:30pm - power vinyasa (heated)* beginning Feburary 2018

eka yoga (Queen anne)

Tuesdays @ 4:30pm- Vata (unheated)

Wednesdays @ 10:00am- Tri-Dosha (unheated)

Check out the live schedule for hauteyogashefayoga, Eka Yoga to see additional classes I'm subbing. 


Corporate Yoga

I also offer yoga and meditation classes in the workplace -- offering mindful yoga and meditation classes to offices throughout King and Pierce County. Classes are designed to be accessible to all levels of students, inviting everyone to participate. I actively encourage my students to take breaks whenever feels right for them during the practice, in turn, creating a safe space for everyone to relax.

Mediation and Yoga classes typically run for 45 minutes during the lunch hour or just after work. This allows employees to exercise self care at work, saving them the time and stress from commuting to another location.